Da Vinci on New beginnings

“Now you see that the hope and the desire of returning home and to one’s former state is like the moth to the light, and that the man who with constant longing awaits with joy each new spring time, each new summer, each new month and new year — deeming that the things he longs for are ever too late in coming — does not perceive that he is longing for his own destruction. But this desire is the very quintessence, the spirit of the elements, which finding itself imprisoned with the soul is ever longing to return from the human body to its giver. And you must know that this same longing is that quintessence, inseparable from nature, and that man is the image of the world.”

Mona Lisa against Cancer

A very eye-catching, creative ad that speaks clear language against cancer just released. Showing hairless iconic Mona Lisa painting, it conveys a powerful visual message. The main line reads: “A tumor changes your life. Not its value.”. Paraphrased, it tells “life in dignity” ANT (the company behind it – Assistenza socio-sanitaria
domiciliare oncologica gratuita
e prevenzione)  wanted to show that regardless of the challenges facing the people, the value of their lives remains unchanged, as well as the duty to care for it.

More info: http://goo.gl/Y5iaGm


La Banda Vincenzo Perruggia o la Banda Picasso?

Italian employee at the Louvre in France, Vincenzo Perrugia stole the Mona Lisa in August of 1911 only to be caught in 1913 and the Mona Lisa was returned to the Louvre. This is one of the most famous art theft in 20th century. No one knows why Vincenzo actually did it. There were two theories why he stole the Mona Lisa.

One theory says Vincenzo was patriotic he wanted to bring Mona Lisa back to Italy because Leonardo Da Vinci was Italian so Mona Lisa belongs to Italy. Even now, Vincenzo is celebrated for what he did by Italians. Le’ts think this theory is true.

And now, about Picasso.

Pablo Picasso was suspected of the theft as his poet friend, Guillaume Apollinaire implicated him but later he was exonerated. But why did Pablo Picasso bought a sculpture stolen from the Louvre a couple of months before the theft of thMona Lisa ? TIME puts it: “Four years earlier, he had bought from Pieret (a con man working for Guillaume Apollinaire) two of the pilfered sculptures, Roman-era Iberian heads whose thick features and wide eyes he would introduce into the great painting he was then just about to embark upon, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.”

Then I probably think that Picasso may have in his mind if he has the Mona Lisa painting, he might use some features of the painting for inspiration of his art work. If so, is it fair that taking the Mona Lisa or other masterpieces and use them for your satisfaction? what do you think? throw ideas in this note if you have more information.

This newspaper below is one of the papers in Italy which told the finding of Mona Lisa in 1913.

La Joconde est retrouvée… Mona Lisa is back! the reading starts. Joconde or La Gioconda is another name for Mona Lisa.

In 2012, the Spanish filmmaker Fernando Colomo made a movie based on this story. He has investigated data published in the newspapers of the time and other documents. Although Picasso family has said (the movie states it from the beginning) the script is a fiction.

Portrait of a Musician

Just like most of his unfinished paintings, the master left this one with clear visible music notes on the man’s hands. This is the usual 3/4 position portrait. Currently, the painting is in Pinacoteca Ambrosiana – historic library in Milan, Italy. Leonardo’s later paintings usually include a landscape backdrop. Probably, it’s a mystery of the relation between people and nature surrounding them.

Portrait of a Musician

Portrait of a Musician

John the Baptist by Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci painted this three years before his death.

‘A light that shines in darkness’. He wasn’t the light but he came to witness about the light. That’s why his fingers are gesturing upwards. Upwards to the heavens as Jesus was coming, the light of the world.

Saint Jean Baptiste, by Leonardo da Vinci (from C2RMF retouched)


Leonardo Da Vinci thinks that every kind of form in nature need to be examined. A makeup and function of everything. Otherwise, how can one just add a lily which he didn’t see it by experience onto the canvas? Many painters of his time focused on ancient manuscripts while he dig deeply studying anything he finds around his world.


La belle ferronnière

Not only does the historic exhibition: Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan (in London) brought out the most number of paintings in a single exhibition but also it shares important details on some of the paintings.

The painting below is La belle ferronnière, native to the Louvre. During the exhibition I mentioned above, it’s told that this woman is most probably Beatrice d’Este, wife of Ludovico Sforza. He was the Duke of Milan and Patron of Da Vinci during the time Da Vinci moved to Milan.

La belle ferronnière